Latin Business Hawaii
The Chamber of Commerce for the Hispanic Community in Hawaii.
5)         LBH is based on the old Spanish proverb:  “Hoy por ti, mañana por mi” ("Today for you, tomorrow for me").  For
our purposes this meant "if I help you today when you need help, then you'll help tomorrow when I need help."

6)        “The rising tide lifts all the boats.”  Our chamber is about creating mutual wins. If we all help each other,
everybody wins. This also means everybody helps.  This will not be a spectator organization.  It’s for people who
want to get on the court and shoot. We don’t have any bleachers.  We can’t even spell “bleachers!”  If you want to
watch the game the bleachers, this is not the organization for you.

7)         Respect begins at home.  The chamber is our home, so we will treat each other with respect.  We will adhere to the
basic Robert's Rules of Order at our meetings and have one person speak at a time.  The president will recognize
the speaker and give that person the floor.  When that person is done, the president will recognize the next speaker
and so on.  However, we won’t allow “filibustering” either.  Once a speaker has made his/her point, the president
will thank that person and move on.

8)        Check your ego at the door.  Because we are an intelligent and creative community, we each have our own great
ideas and perspectives on how things should be done.  We are then surprised to find otherwise intelligent people
whose ideas are different from ours.  How could they be so wrong?  Our policy is that they are not wrong, they’re just
different, and we allow ourselves to be different.  Our philosophy is not “zero sum.”  It’s not “if you win, I lose.” Our
philosophy is “you win/I win too.”  We can agree to disagree, but we are still family and we still friends.

9)        As professionals we respect each other’s time and do not want to waste it, so our meetings start on time and end
on time.  The senior board member present at the scheduled start time will start the meeting with whoever is
present.  We will then adjust as needed.
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LBH Principles